Welcome Friends!

Founded in May 2010 by residents, this group seeks to support and expand the activities of resident groups working in and advocating for their parks.

Our Goals:

(1) NETWORKING:  We want to acknowledge the expertise among existing "friends groups" and provide a network so we can learn from each other.

(2) SUPPORT: Provide support and information to assist existing "friends groups" in their work and to help develop new "friends groups" where none exist.  We hope that by coming together as a group we can share information, make people aware of resources that may exist, and help with problem solving and brainstorming.  We do not expect to be in a position to provide financial assistance to groups.

(3) ASSESSMENT: Provide a structure for monitoring the use, status, and condition of parks across the entire city.

(4) ADVOCACY: Provide a forum for discussing the future of parks in Lansing.

Founding Advisory Group

Anita Beavers, Colonial Village Neighborhood Association
Willie Vinson, Colonial Village Neighborhood Association
Melissa Quon Huber, Averill Woods Neighborhood Association
Jason Wilkes, Averill Woods Neighborhood Association
Rick Kibbey, Parks Board President

We are working cooperatively with Murdock Jemerson and the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and the Lansing Parks Board. However, this remains an independent organization.